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How to Successfully Introduce Kids and Friends to Boat Fishing

Boat fishing is fun in an entirely unique way. When it goes right (and for the harder-core anglers, even when it doesn’t go all that right), it’s a comfortable excursion into nature, generally surrounded by beautiful scenery. It can also be a relaxing way to unwind on the water, and when fish are biting, that relaxation is punctuated by the excitement of playing and landing fish.


There’s nothing quite like it, and it’s even better shared with friends and family. However, it’s easy for experienced boat fisherman to forget that loving it isn’t automatic. Not only that, a bad first time on the water can turn someone off to boat fishing entirely. And that can prove incredibly disappointing when a best friend, or even a child, sour on an opportunity for fun and bonding they may have come to love. So the goal is to ensure that someone’s first time out serves as a way to learn and experience everything about the pastime (lifestyle) that’s so terrific.

Be Prepared, Get Organized, Have Fun

Loading a backpack cooler up with ice and beer and throwing it in the boat isn’t enough. (Though it’s a good start.) You don’t want to find out on the water, or the dock, that there’s only one functioning rod, the outboard won’t start, or the boat is out of gas, etc. Run some basic diagnostics on your boat before you go, double-check the number and quality of lifejackets, make sure the fish-finder is turning on, and that there’s no mono filament wrapped around the prop, etc.

When you’re done with that, string up as many rods as you’ll need with the rigs you’ll be using, then string up a couple more. Check your tackle box and organize what you’re likely to use. Throw some warm clothes into a dry-bag, and have some rain gear on hand, just in case. Now you load that cooler backpack up with ice and beer and throw it in the boat. At least be sure you have the ice and beer, water and juice, and lunch and snacks needed prior to heading out.

If you’re taking kids out for the first time, be sure to bring something fun for them to do during the downtime. If you’re taking buddies out, there’s a fair chance that what you brought them to do during the downtime is carbonated and comes in 12-ounce cans. Be the designated driver for the day, on the water and off. Good food and drinks, consumed responsibly, never hurt a day of fishing.

Choose Your Targets Wisely

Choose your day wisely. While a blustery, intermittently-raining, high-chop, muddy-water day may be fine conditions for an experienced angler like yourself, it’s likely not going to be fun for a newbie to sit cold and wet in a lurching boat and not catch anything.

Choose your fish wisely as well and consider your companions. Experienced anglers are going to be more inclined to spend hours trolling down deep for the solo-cruising lunkers or chasing more discerning, finicky species. However, less experienced fishers typically want to feel a hit and play a fish. Cast for bass along the shoreline or troll for trout in productive spots if either are common.

If you know any local fisheries with good northern pike territories, consider seeking them out. Pike are aggressive, can make spectacular surface strikes, are good fighters, and tend to be a decent size. For most future fishers, all it took was the thrill of playing and landing one decent, or even not-so-decent, fish to get hooked (so to speak).

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The Essentials You Need for Your Next Rafting Trip

Having—or accidentally forgetting—the appropriate gear and items needed for a rafting trip can make or break the experience. So review this list, make your own, and check it twice the next time you’re headed to the water for a day of rafting fun.

A Cooler—That Floats

Space is limited on a raft, and if you’re carpooling to your destination, it’s tight in your vehicle too. So instead of a bulky container cooler someone will have to put their legs on top of in the car, or that you’ll have to keep placing upright when it tips in the raft, opt for a durable cooler bag instead. Not only will a cooler bag be easier to fit in the car when you’re short on space, but a high-quality one will also have straps so you can carry it hands-free down to the water.

For ice-cold beverages and extra room in your raft, consider finding a backpack cooler that floats when properly closed—even when it’s full of ice, food, and beverages. You might not want to tie it to your raft when you’re going down the rapids, but you’ll be glad you packed it along and can set it aside to float in the water once you’ve made your trip down the river and the car is a hike away.

Cold Beverages and Fresh, Dry Snacks

A great cooler backpack only gets better when you have your favorite drinks and snacks inside. Keep yourself and your friends hydrated and fueled by stocking your cooler bag with plenty of ice, water, and whatever else will keep you going on the rapids. A waterproof cooler bag will ensure that your snacks stay dry, regardless of what the rapids have in store. Opt for one that’s easy to wash as well to minimize clean-up time upon your return.

Plenty of Waterproof SPF

Sunscreen is a necessity you can’t afford to leave at home. Protect your skin from a nasty burn by reapplying sunscreen every two hours or as the container instructs. Be sure to use a waterproof sunscreen so your skin stays protected even if you get splashed by a rapid or fall into the water.

Life Jackets for Everyone

Be safe on the rapids and make sure that everyone in your party has—and is wearing—a life jacket. After all, a bundle of life jackets in the raft won’t do any good if you accidentally tip over or someone unexpectedly falls out. Follow safe rafting practices for a day full of fun versus accidents.

Sunglasses—Plus a Backup Pair

Protect your eyes by bringing along a durable pair of sunglasses. By wearing sunglasses, you can better focus on what’s going on around you and will be better able to hold onto the raft versus holding a hand up to try and help you see.

Absorbent Microfiber Towels

Compact and very efficient, be sure to have some microfiber towels ready to dry everyone off after and during your rafting trip.

Appropriate Attire for the Weather—And Water

Keep in mind the time of year, the weather, and the temps—not just how you’d feel basking in the sun, but how cold it is in the water as well. Dress accordingly and consider packing some additional clothing as weather (and water) are known to be temperamental.

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Not-So-Obvious Backpacking Supplies for Girl Boss Hikers

Whether you’re a seasoned backpacker or a hiking enthusiast newbie, taking the outdoors head-on can be freeing, confidence building, and rejuvenating. Since the backpacking industry is unfortunately geared towards dudes most of the time, it can take some extra planning to know exactly what you need for a successful backpacking trip or day hike. Here are a few camping and hiking supplies for girl boss hikers who live and breathe outdoor adventure.


Breathable Cotton Sports Bra

When you’re headed into the great outdoors for a few days (or weeks), having a breathable cotton sports bra will be your saving grace. Pack a few that are designed to withstand moisture, smell, and retain shape over time. This is especially important during hot and humid summer months.

Just because you’re roughing it doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable. Choose a sports bra that fits you and gives you the range of motion you need to be adventure ready.

24-Hour Chill Backpack Cooler

If you haven’t discovered how convenient an insulated backpack cooler can be, it’s time to jump on that train. A high-performance backpack cooler keeps your water, snacks, beers, and whatever you else you need chilled cold for over 24 hours. These are perfect for weekend backpacking trips or day-hikes during the summer and fall.

If you’re a fishing enthusiast, choose a cooler bag that’s designed to keep fish ice cold the length of your trip. Instead of using ice, freeze half a dozen wet sponges and stick them in the cooler at the beginning of your fishing trip. Combined with an insulated cooler bag, you’ll have fish that are ice cold for longer than a couple of hours. Plus, you can lose the box cooler. How cool (pun intended) is that

Environment-Safe Mineral Sunscreen

Protect your skin and the environment at the same time with mineral-formulated sunscreen. No matter the season, UVA/UVB rays can dangerously affect your skin and cause relentless damage to your dermis. However, traditional chemical sunscreens are not safe for your skin or the environment.

Stick a mineral sunscreen in your backpack and lather up every few hours for complete protection. If you’re going swimming or bathing in a body of water, this sunscreen doesn’t harm the wildlife and is safe for humans and the earth. Bonus points for eco-friendly mindfulness!

Hiker-Friendly Menstrual Cycle Kit

No matter how well you plan, sometimes your period can show up when it’s most inconvenient, AKA on a four-day backpacking trip into the wilderness. Pack a hiker-friendly menstrual cycle kit for yourself and for your female companions. Include a reusable menstrual cup, your painkiller of choice, pads or tampons, biodegradable wipes, and a trash bag to contain your used materials that you can’t wash or dispose of sustainably.

Bonus: Backcountry Sleepover Party Supplies

If you’re planning a backpacking trip with some of your other girl boss hiker besties, why not include a few fun activities for when you set up camp? Pack a stash of chocolate chip cookies or brownies, break out the nail polish, or test out your artistic skills with henna. Don’t forget about card games, too!

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Great US Hiking Trails / Places to Take a Cooler Backpack

When people sing about America’s spacious skies and purple mountain majesties, they are not whistling Dixie. The US all but overflows with natural beauty and great hiking opportunities. With a durable, portable cooler bag or insulated backpack cooler, hikers can enjoy cold water and fresh food as they take advantage of these opportunities.


Here are just a few of the country’s excellent hiking trails:

Grand Canyon National Park (South Kaibab Trail)

The South Kaibab Trail is not for unattended novices, but it is a fantastic day hike option for more seasoned travelers. It offers some stunning views of the Grand Canyon’s Cedar Ridge—there is even a spot called the “Ooh-Aah Point”—but requires careful preparation. This includes packing plenty of food and water into your backpack cooler, watching out for mules and being ready for a long, tough hike back.

Koke’e State Park (Awa’awapuhi Trail)

There might be more gorgeous places in the world than Kauai, Hawaii, but you would be hard pressed to think of them. The Awa’awapuhi Trail in Kauai’s Koke’e State Park winds through high desert-like areas and rainforest down to the rim of the Nualolo and Awa’awapuhi Valleys. Hikers should bring some good, broken-in shoes and plenty of water and high-energy snacks in a cooler backpack. Also, be prepared for the uphill walk back.

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park (Ewoldsen Trail)

Located along the coast of central California, Big Sur has inspired writers, artists and other seekers for decades. It boasts several fantastic hiking and sightseeing opportunities. The most famous of these is probably the McWay Waterfall Trail in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park.

There is certainly nothing wrong with the McWay Trail—its 80-foot waterfall is truly stunning—but dedicated hikers might enjoy the nearby Ewoldsen Trail much more. At 4.5 miles roundtrip, this trail’s inclines and rough patches require some caution and careful planning. However, its dense groves of redwoods and beautiful coastal views make it more than worthwhile. Be sure to bring sunscreen and some drinks in a cooler bag or backpack.

Yosemite National Park (Mist Trail)

Arguably the most famous of Yosemite’s many trails, the Mist Trail lets people gaze upon the astonishing beauty of the Nevada Fall, the Liberty Cap and the Half Dome. Be warned: The trail gets pretty slippery in the Spring and early Summer. You can also expect a lot of company along the trail at that time of the year.

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What Makes a Great Cooler Backpack or Cooler Bag?

Ice Retention


First and foremost, the best backpack cooler will keep ice frozen for longer. Top-quality backpack coolers will provide reliable insulation and ice retention for 24 hours or longer. Leading manufacturers use proprietary technology to ensure that people can enjoy cold beverages whenever and wherever they want them.




Also, a great cooler bag or cooler backpack will be large enough to hold as many beverages and snacks as a person could want. Of course, that will vary with each person. Because of that, the best backpack cooler manufacturers will give people options.


For example, a company might make cooler totes or cooler bags for people who just need something to hold their drinks during their day at the beach. But what about people who are planning multi-day hiking or camping trips? In this instance, the same company could offer bigger products like an insulated backpack cooler that can hold 20+ cans and keep them cold for days on end.




A backpack cooler will not do someone much good if it breaks open while they are hiking or fishing. The best ones will give people reliable toughness. They will be able to keep ice in, keep water out and handle 50 lbs. or more.




At the risk of being redundant, the best backpack cooler is portable. A person can load it up, close it, sling it on their back and get going. A cooler backpack is not worth much if someone cannot carry it comfortably.


Weight Distribution


On a related note, a first-rate backpack cooler will be designed to distribute weight evenly, allowing its user to carry it for a longer stretch of time. The best backpack coolers will have suspension systems comparable to those of premium technical backpacks.




In addition to drinks and food, the best cooler backpacks let people carry a variety of items with them.


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ICEMULE Coolers offers high-quality insulated backpack coolers and other products through its online store. The company uses proprietary technology to make its signature cooler bag, which ensures maximum ice retention and durability.


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Enjoy Chilled Beverages for Longer with an Insulated Backpack Cooler

Nothing relieves the stress of everyday life like getting out into nature. When somebody is slugging their way through college courses or a 40+ hour work week, it feels great to leave those hassles behind for a couple of days. Going camping, taking a day hike and other short trips can do someone a world of good.


On occasions like these, having something cool to drink can be just what the doctor ordered. This is what makes an insulated backpack cooler an invaluable piece of gear. They let outdoor enthusiasts go for longer and have an ice-cold beverage whenever they want one. The best backpack coolers give people the support and comfort of a premium technical backpack while keeping food and drinks cold for days on end.


An insulated backpack cooler saves campers, hikers and fishermen (and fisherwomen) the trouble of lugging a standard cooler around on their trip. After all, the whole idea of heading off to the woods, the mountains or the river is to get away from hassles. Hauling a big, bulky piece of plastic or Styrofoam from one place to another can work against that goal.


With a well-designed, insulated backpack cooler, a person can dump some ice in, drop their drinks and sandwiches on top and get moving. Some models have suspension systems like those of technical backpacks, which allow the people wearing them to carry loads without straining their backs or shoulders. Backpack coolers can have features like cushioned hip belts and carrying straps to hold them in place. Some insulated backpack coolers can handle 50 lbs. of weight or more.


Of course, a cooler would not be worth much if it did not keep ice and other contents cold. Leading manufacturers make their backpack coolers with proprietary, waterproof fabric to keep heat out and cold in. A high-quality insulated backpack cooler will keep ice frozen for several days regardless of the outside temperature.


ICEMULE Coolers makes outstanding products like the BOSS, which is possibly the finest insulated backpack cooler on the market. Its thick, closed-cell PolarLayer XT™ Insulation foam and exclusive IM AirValve™ ensure multi-day ice retention. Not only does the BOSS keep ice cold longer than any cooler, its best-in-class backpack suspension system lets the wearer carry it comfortably. The BOSS also has three insulated external pockets, can handle 60+ lbs. and is 100% waterproof.


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ICEMULE Coolers offers high-quality insulated backpack coolers and other products through its online store. The company uses proprietary technology to make its signature cooler bag, which ensures maximum ice retention and durability.


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Buy High-Quality Cooler Bag Online from ICEMULE Coolers

Cooler bags feature more advanced insulation than the standard ice chest does. If you are looking for a cooler bag that keeps your drinks ice-cold for up to 24 hours, then ICEMULE’s cooler bag is the perfect option for you. ICEMULE Coolers is one of the prominent online stores offering long-lasting, waterproof, and portable coolers bags that are perfect for long hikes, fishing trips, days at the beach and other outdoor activities.

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Cooler Bags: Waterproof, Portable, Versatile

Cooler bags serve one simple, beautiful purpose: They allow people to take fresh food and cold drinks with them wherever they go. No more lukewarm water, beer or soda at the campsite, beach or fishing spot. No more soggy backpacks and annoying clamminess on the lower back. Best of all, no more lugging bulky plastic or Styrofoam coolers around.



Cooler bags feature more advanced insulation than the standard ice chest does. They use polyurethane foam, an impressively light material which forms a powerful barrier to heat exchange. It allows cooler bags to keep liquids cold for an entire day.The bags have this foam inside between the heavy outer fabric and the lining.


Cooler bags are easily portable. They only weigh between 1.5-5 lbs. with nothing inside. Customers can find bags with a shoulder strap or ones with backpack straps.


Insulated backpack coolers can appeal to style-conscious consumers as well. They come in various colors and sleek designs. People can carry a couple dozen cans or bottles and not look dorky while they do it.


Hardcore outdoorsmen (and outdoors-women) can take advantage of cooler bags which are modeled after top-quality technical backpacks. These products are designed to keep ice from melting for several days; they can actually work better than most coolers! Not only that, they are easy to load or empty and feature top-notch suspension systems. People can hike for miles and have something cool to drink whenever they stop to rest.


For more casual users, there are tote-sized cooler bags available. They weigh less than five pounds but are built to last. It is easy to find cooler totes made from high-density nylon and heavy-duty canvas, which let them withstand a variety of rugged conditions while keeping food and drink cool.


Tote-sized cooler bags can hold some ice and a bottle of wine or two (or a six-pack of PBR, if you roll like that) with no problem. Customers can easily find totes with additional pockets, which they could use for storing stuff like their phone, suntan lotion or some snacks. A person could even fit a tablet inside if he or she is one of those people who just cannot unplug completely.


ICEMULE Coolers offers some of the best cooler bags available anywhere. The company specializes in developing long-lasting, waterproof, portable coolers which people can take with them to the river, the beach or anywhere else.


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ICEMULE Coolers offers high-quality insulated backpack cooler and other products through its online store. The company’s signature cooler bags feature proprietary technology which ensure durability and keep contents cold for 24 hours or longer.


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Shop Stylish and Portable Cooler Bag from ICEMULE Coolers

Whether you are camping, hiking, hunting or just want to have a picnic, ICEMULE Coolers bags can work for you. We offer a wide range of lightweight and ultra-portable cooler bags that will keep beverages and perishables chilled while you’re out enjoying an outdoors adventure.

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